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The InForum Dental Teaching System from Intaglio Visual Arts & Technologies is a comprehensive system combining proven instructional methods and practices with multiple, unique video displays, image capture, communication, and media distribution technologies. The enhanced communications and advanced collaboration that result between the instructor and student creates a revolutionary interactive teaching and learning environment.


The InForum Dental System gives instructors, students and patients the ability to view multiple, complimentary images of the same operatory, providing a complete picture of the process and procedure.
Instructors are able to monitor activities throughout the entire clinic, viewing all of the operatories simultaneously.
As required, instructors choose particular operatories to visually review procedures in detail and in real-time.
Any student may also request that an instructor view the operatory in which they are working to provide individual interaction, instruction and response to specific questions.
Audio communication between students and instructors is accomplished through wireless headsets.
A unique task reporting system allows students to indicate completion of specific tasks within a procedure, and to notify instructors for verification or approval.
A footswitch provides the student with hands-free access to PC based applications such as charting software.
Student or instructor led procedures may be recorded for later review and archiving

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