[in-tal-(,)yo]. - the process or art of creating by incising or engraving beneath the surface.
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To create a smart classroom -- one that embraces use of technology to create a new learning environment that stimulates active learning. To provide an environment that engages the students and teachers on a daily basis through the effective and efficient use of technology in all classrooms. This is done through an enterprise presentation system -- called InForum.


InForum enhancements included rooms having double projectors with selectable, discreet sources.
Solutions incorporated common interface and uniform/supported technology into every classroom, the cafeteria and auditorium.
Interface resides on classroom computer.
Smart Sympodium allows instructors a virtual whiteboard and annotation capabilities.
System features easy/intuitive uses by all teachers/users at any experience level.
Includes IT management system -- AV Manager software.
Reduced room "boot-up" time for teachers.

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