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Design a reliable and effective presentation media solution within a multipurpose conference room environment.
Provide a communications methodology that allows for full interactive audio/video conferencing.
Design an intuitive control interface to manage all media resources.
Provide a remote support channel in order to assure complete room functionality.


  • System features complete room control functions which include single command controls for lighting levels, audio functions, microphone engagement and display source switching.
    The Multipurpose room offers outstanding audio for voice support and for program sound.
    This unique high-end meeting facility will accommodate any meeting scenario from sales rally's to training sessions.
    Double Eiki 5,000 Lumen LC-X70 LCD projectors produce an outstanding matched image on double screens.
    The Shure P4800 Digital System Processor allows the rooms to be separated or combined and delivers sound equally and evenly wherever participants are seated.
    JBL Control 30AV-WH high output monitor speakers are used in the front of the room and deliver rich full dynamic program sound.
    Overhead in ceiling JBL Control 26/CT speakers deliver a balanced even coverage of program and microphone sound throughout.
    The Crestron control system manages all media sources, room functions, and has an intuitive easy to operate user interface.
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