[in-tal-(,)yo]. - the process or art of creating by incising or engraving beneath the surface.
Public Display Educational
Conference Rooms Meetings and Events
Training Rooms Media Production
Herman Miller Showroom, Chicago
Haworth Showroom, Chicago
Burdicks Bar & Grill
Knape & Vogt, Chicago

Provide a large, dynamic, display that encourages patrons to linger in the bar and enjoy sports and other off-air programming.


Large scale video wall application that does not diminish architectural integrity.
Environment should be unique, comfortable, fun and entertaining.
Incorporated interactive capabilities to enhance the experience.
Resulted in (9) 50" Video Wall Cubes arranged to provide several projection sources along with ancillary plasma screens throughout the space.
GUI - Graphical User Interface that is very intuitive and easy for staff to control all media.

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