[in-tal-(,)yo]. - the process or art of creating by incising or engraving beneath the surface.
Public Display Educational
Conference Rooms Meetings and Events
Training Rooms Media Production
Herman Miller Showroom, Chicago
Haworth Showroom, Chicago
Burdicks Bar & Grill
Knape & Vogt, Chicago

Develop a system to display images showing actual furniture systems of customer installations.
Display must be unique, engaging, big and beautiful!
Architect's quote as printed in the article "Immersion Wall - Video Interactivity" in Archi-Tech magazine, "The challenge is how the audiovisual technology is integrated into a space and makes the space better because of it."


  • Interface designed to engage the viewer in a captivating experience that operates intuitively .
    Resulted in 5' x 20' videowall that dominated the entire front lobby wall.
    Integrated 3 joysticks with computers, remote controlled cameras, LED light sticks, video wall processors, projection cubes, sound tubes and surround sound system.
    Utilized 40 worldwide installations via QuickTime VR along with allowing the viewer to pan, tilt and zoom cameras in the showroom in real time
    Quotes as printed in the article in Archi-Tech magazine included: "The architecture was not to be subservient to the technology." "Technology should in fact amplify the architecture."
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