[in-tal-(,)yo]. - the process or art of creating by incising or engraving beneath the surface.
Intaglio is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based provider of communications solutions that uses innovative technologies to help our customers break through the clutter and burrow into the brains of their customers, constituents and co-workers
Intaglio offers innovative communications solutions using visual presentation arts as well as audio visual equipment and technologies. Along with offering a comprehensive selection of audio visual presentation equipment, Intaglio designs and integrates effective presentation environments – board rooms, auditoriums, video conference centers and distance learning classrooms. Our creative services include designing and managing large meetings and events, producing video, film, CD-Rom, DVD; programming and authoring interactive multi-media.
InForum from Intaglio– a complete turnkey presentation system. It includes the hardware your users need to present information in the most compelling manner possible. And the software you need to ensure that the hardware is working properly. From one central computer, a technician can run diagnostics, activate devices, monitor the status of presentation rooms, pre-program a power-on/off schedule for individual rooms, and more. InForum. It’s the easiest, most efficient way to run an enterprise wide presentation system. And it’s only available from Intaglio.

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Intaglio is a value-added reseller for many of the world’s best audio visual equipment manufacturers.


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